Herb Seeds

Our comprehensive range of herb seeds reflects the growing demand for tasty fresh herbs at your fingertips. Herbs are easy to grow even in the smallest of spaces, require minimal care and can be planted almost any time of the year. Herbs are made for picking and produce an abundance of leaves the more you pick them. Not only are they packed with flavour, but many herbs are also full of nutrients and considered one of Nature's Super Foods.

How to Grow Herbs

Ideally, plant your herbs in a sheltered location that receives morning sun. Sunlight is essential for growth but also for the production of the essential oils that give herbs their distinct aroma and flavour. Each herb has its preferred growing temperature but as a general rule, your herb garden should be protected from extremes of cold and hot, drying winds. Faster-growing herbs have fragile stems that are easily damaged and require a sheltered position. Most herbs prefer a neutral pH and free-draining soil.

Watering and Feeding

An occasional but thorough watering is better than a light but frequent one. However, check the soil daily during hot spells to ensure it does not dry out. Mulching helps to retain water in the soil during the hot Summer months which keeps the plant’s roots cool and healthier. Fertilise your herbs every 6-8 weeks using a good, organic-based fertiliser such as blood and bone, and supplement with periodic liquid or soluble fertilisers to boost growth. Avoid liquid chemical fertilisers that can encourage too much leaf growth which lowers levels of essential oils (reducing aroma and flavour).

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Welcome to Mr Fothergill’s, Australia’s favourite place to shop for herb seeds online! We believe in only offering the highest quality products, which is why our herb seeds are non-GMO, responsibly sourced from trusted suppliers and backed by our guarantee.

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There’s nothing like home-grown herbs: fresh, flavourful and so easy to grow. Whether you're a beginning gardener or have a tried-and-tested green thumb, we know you'll find something to love when you shop our range of seeds. Whether you intend to use them for cooking, display, crafting or even medicinally, shop our collection of herb seeds online to find the varieties you need.

We carry all the staple herbs as well as several surprising varieties that we know you’ll love. From basil, parsley and chives to mint, coriander and thyme, we have all the herb seeds you need. Browse our selection today to find the perfect herbs to grow alongside your veggies and flowers.

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Discover a comprehensive range of seeds at Mr Fothergill’s that will make your garden more beautiful and bountiful than it’s ever been before. We’re proud to offer hundreds of bulbs, flower seeds and vegetable seeds alongside our herb seeds, as well as the tools and equipment you need to make planting easier. Our expert growers also provide professional gardening advice and garden planning help for novices and experts alike.

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