Sunflower Seeds

Sunflowers are loved by all for their big, bright yellow flower heads that can brighten up anyone’s day! You will find a large selection of sunflower seeds in Mr Fothergill’s range, from giant sunflowers to dwarf sunflowers perfect for balcony pots. 

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Plant your own sunflower seeds

Sunflowers can instantly make your garden feel brighter with their gorgeous yellow petals. Sunflowers are some of the easiest flowers to grow, making them ideal for kids. Sunflowers like warmth, so ideally you should sow sunflower seeds from Spring through to Summer to best enjoy their beautiful flowers. 

Growing sunflowers from seeds is easy, and there are many different types of seeds for growing sunflowers available. One of the best things about growing sunflowers is that they are incredibly versatile, and there are several different varieties you can look at propagating from seeds. Sunflowers can grow quite large (Giant Russian Sunflowers can grow up to 3m in height), making them perfect for creating different levels in your garden. If the flowers are left on the plant to mature, the seeds can be harvested to eat, or left on the plant for birds to feast on.

Easily shop for sunflower seeds online

Are you ready to begin planting your very own bright and happy sunflower seeds? Shop the Mr Fothergill’s seed range at all good garden centres and major hardware stores, or shop our range of flower seeds online today.

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