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Jiffy products are perfect for growing just about any plant from seed - just like a professional nursery!
Our Jiffy range comprises of peat pots, netted and un-netted compressed peat soil pellets and a range of handy reusable greenhouses.

Watch how The Gardenettes use Jiffy to make growing from seed even easier.

Jiffy range

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If you want more control over growing seedlings from seeds or find that your plantings get lost in large pots, you’ll love the Jiffy pots range available from Mr Fothergill’s. Whether you’re trying to raise seedlings during the cooler months or just love the process of watching dormant seeds come alive and sprout new life, get the best and fastest results with nursery style pots that will have your plants growing in a jiffy! 

Start growing professionally with our selection of Jiffy Pots online

Just like professional nursery plantings, Jiffy pots and Jiffy peat pellets use 100% organic and biodegradable* materials to help you raise seedlings in an ideal environment. Discover our range of peat pots, netted and un-netted compressed Jiffy peat pellets and a selection of handy reusable greenhouses, all ready to make gardeners’ lives easier. 

When your seedlings are ready to be upgraded to their final home in a garden bed or larger pot, simply plant the entire Jiffy pot in the soil. The material will naturally compost, providing rich soil for your plants without disturbing their young root structure. 

Shop Jiffy pots online and up your gardening game today

From our extensive range of Jiffy pots and Jiffy peat pellets online to tools for propagation, Mr Forthergill’s has everything you need to get the most out of your garden, no matter how big or small it may be. Shop online today, or find the Mr Fothergill’s range in trusted hardware stores and good garden centres nationwide.  

*Peat pellet netting not currently biodegradable.

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