Microgreens Seed Range

Microgreens, often called Vegetable Confetti are an exciting, colourful gourmet alternative to sprouting and very popular amongst gourmet chefs.

Mr. Fothergill's Microgreens range includes a hydroponic Growing Tray and an exciting selection of seed varieties with exotic flavours from around the world. Add a nutritional punch, colour and texture to every meal with Microgreens!

Microgreens are taking over the culinary scene — and as an easy-to-grow sprout that adds a powerful pack of flavour to any dish, it’s easy to understand why. For any keen home cook looking to add some fresh, home-grown produce to their favourite dishes, Mr Fothergill’s range of microgreens is a great place to start.

Add garden fresh and delicious flavours to your meals

Also known as vegetable confetti, microgreens are an easy alternative to cultivating sprouts. Grown in hydroponic microgreen trays, there is no easier way to grow a large number of greens in a short period of time.

Available in delicious flavour packs inspired by unique regions of the world like Eastern Europe, France and the Mediterranean, Mr Fothergill’s microgreens are a must-have for any home cook or adventurous home gardener.

Shop for quality microgreen supplies online today

The team at Mr Fothergill’s is committed to helping local Aussie gardeners get access to the best quality plant and flower supplies and seeds available on the market. Shop the Mr Fothergill’s seeds range at all good garden centres and major hardware stores, or peruse our website for easy online ordering and delivery of your favourite microgreen and sprout-based products.

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