Poppy Paeony Flemish Antique

Botanical Name: Papaver paeoniflorum

approx 750 seeds

Beautiful, large double blooms in shades of rose, all striped with creamy white. The romantic blooms resemble those once seen in antique herbal books. Stunning in borders
or planted ‘en masse’.

The name Papaver comes from the latin ‘pappa’, food or milk, alluding to the milky sap. A native of south west Asia, it was first formally recorded by the famous botanist Linneaus during the 18th Century.

We hope you enjoy these Flower seeds, just another great example of seeds from MrFothergill's

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How To Grow

Sow In trays or punnets of seed-raising mix.

Thin or transplant to about 30cm (12in) apart. Keep moist and weed free. Scatter seeds thinly over soil surface and lightly firm in. Do not cover. 

When seedlings emerge in 10-14 days, thin to 2cm (1in) apart.

When To Plant

Late Summer to early Winter.

Flowering 20-24 weeks from sowing
Sow Summer, Autumn, Winter
Soil Type sunny position

Our Seed Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with these seeds Mr. Fothergill's will gladly replace them for free. Performance subject to growing conditions.

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