Onion Pickling Paris Silverskin

350 seeds


Botanical Name: Allium cepa

A very popular and quick-growing variety for crisp, sweet, white pickling onions, often known as 'cocktail' onions. they will grow well on almost any soil, even on light, poor land. They prefer a sunny position. Matures in only 8-12 weeks.

We hope you enjoy these vegetable seeds, just another great example of  vegetable seeds from Mr Fothergill’s!

How To Grow

Sow all year round, 5mm (¼”) deep, in rows 15cm (6”) apart. No thinning is necessary but keep plants well watered, particularly in dry weather. Grows well in almost any soil, but grows best in well dug and manured ground. Prefers a sunny position. Seedlings emerge 10-14 days.

Harvest when the size of marbles for the best pickles. To pickle onions, peel onions and place in a bowl of brine (85g of salt to 475ml of water). Leave for 24hrs, pour off brine solution, rinse onions thoroughly in cold water, shake dry, pack tightly into clean jars and cover with cold pickling white vinegar.

Make successive sowings every 4-6 weeks for a continuous supply of sweet, white pickling onions.

When To Plant

All year round as required.


All year round as required.


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Our Seed Guarantee

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