Darlac Guarantee

Our Guarantee Explained


We offer a limited lifetime guarantee on all Darlac brand tools.


All* Darlac Tools and horticultural accessories are fully guaranteed against original defect in material and workmanship for the life of the tool. The guarantee is limited to repair, or replacement (if necessary), upon sight of the item with alleged fault and must be accompanied by identifiable history of purchase.


Darlac will repair any item that proves to be defective in workmanship or materials. If any item cannot be repaired and meets with the terms above, it will be replaced.


The guarantee does not cover damage associated with neglect, inappropriate use, mishandling or normal wear. As the user, you are expected to maintain the tool in an appropriate fashion i.e. regularly sharpen and oil where necessary, tighten nuts/bolts where necessary, keep clean and free from build-up of sap and maintain sensible expectation of the tool and desist from use where obviously inappropriate. Store in a dry moisture free environment. Particular care should be taken with cutting tools where the cut capacity (as with all manufacturers) means that an object of that diameter will fit in the jaw (remember that a Daffodil may be 20mm as well as an Oak branch!). 


As a minority of customers do have excessive expectations, and will request replacement even when not justified, we find it necessary to have the above policies in place to protect both ourselves and the vast majority of our customers who have reasonable expectations. We do however prefer to deal with our customers on a far less formal basis, and in most cases will be pleased to assist even when the problem does not fall within the parameters of our guarantee.


Once a product has been examined and tested, if it does not fall within the parameters of our guarantee, you will be contacted with an estimate of repair and return costs so that you may evaluate how you wish to proceed. Please feel free to contact our customer service department should you require any help or advice.