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Companion Planting

Companion planting has many benefits from enhancing plant growth and protection from pests to increasing flavour. Learn what plants complement eachother in our comprehensive guide.

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Start Your Seeds Indoors This Autumn!

February is one of the hottest months of the year so now is a good time to start some of your Autumn sowings both outdoors and indoors. Sowing times depends on what district you live in but you can start seeds indoors roughly 6 weeks prior to planting.

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How to grow your own container garden!

If you're short on space or perhaps live in an apartment, you've most likely settled on the idea that you can't have a garden. Well let me introduce you to ‘Container Gardening’ and how you too can grow your own crop of vegetables or even a garden full of flowers.

Follow this guide to find out how to create your own successful container garden!

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Why Grow From Seed?

When you grow your own vegetables, herbs and flowers from seed you know exactly what has gone into them. As the old saying goes – you are what you eat!

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