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Starting Seeds in Jiffy

There’s something so magical about raising your own seeds from scratch and watching plants grow and develop from seed. Give your seeds the best start in life by using Jiffy pellets or pots. Here are our tips for sprouting seeds in Jiffy.

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Shoots, Roots & Fruits

Shoots, Roots, Fruits – NPK. Say it out loud and repeat. This is the gardening mantra to successfully feeding your plants. Find out what it means here!

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Using Wood Ash in the Garden

With the nights getting chilly, it's time to light up the wood fire. But what to do with the ash? is a question many people ask. Here's how you can safely use ash in your garden.

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Wicking Garden Beds

Planter boxes and raised planters are getting more popular by the day, but the downfall of raised beds is their requirement for heavy amounts of water. A raised wicking bed on the other hand is super water efficient and your plants will love you for it!

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