Spinach Andromeda F1


Botanical Name: Spinacia oleracea

This variety is packed with nutrients, is fast maturing and disease resistant. Pick the largest leaves from each plant – this will encourage further growth.

Dark green, thick leaved variety, good resistance to downy mildew and Pernospera Suitable for over-wintering.

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How To Grow

Sow late Summer to Winter, early Spring too in cold districts, 12mm (½”) deep in rows 30cm (12”) apart. Repeat at 3 weekly intervals for a continuous crop. Thin out to 30cm (12”) between plants – less for baby leaves. Water well during dry spells. Seedlings emerge 14-21 days.

When To Plant

South Island: Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

North Island: Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug


8-10 weeks