Carrot Topweight Improved


Botanical Name: Daucus carota

One of our leading carrot varieties for many years. This old favourite with its long tapering roots has an excellent flavour and is resistant to virus disease. Grows well in an open position on light soils that have not been recently manured.

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How To Grow

Sow seeds 6mm (0.25in) deep in rows 30cm (1ft) apart. Keep moist and make repeat sowings every two weeks for continuous crops. Thin out to 10cm (4in) apart and water well to replace any dislodged soil. Add a complete fertiliser before sowing. Start harvesting early to spread the harvest and allow remaining roots to grow larger.

When To Plant

South Island: Jan, Feb, Mar, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

North Island: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec


10-14 weeks