Little Gardeners - Purple Bean Teepee


Botanical Name: Phaseolus vulgaris

These beans are great for growing a shady cubby house for you to play in. Plus the pretty purple flowers will turn into yummy purple beans you can pick all Summer long.

How To Grow

  1. Press 2m long stakes in the ground a circle, leaving a half-a-metre wide opening for the entrance.
  2. Tie the tops of the stakes with the string.
  3. Plant the seeds one fingernail deep, 10cm apart in a circle around the edges of the teepee. Keep your plants well watered.
  4. As the plants grow, tie the stems to the teepee stakes.
  5. In about 6 weeks, vines will cover the frame with leaves and flowers, and in 10 weeks you can start picking yummy beans!

When To Plant

South Island: Jan, Oct, Nov, Dec

North Island: Jan, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec


10 weeks

We hope you enjoy these flower seeds just another great example of kids gardening seeds from Mr Fothergill’s!