Coriander - Round Grow Kit Tin


Coriander (Coriandrum sativum)

These compact and colourful tins fit perfectly on any windowsill within the home or office. 

With a distinct aroma all of its own, this easy to grow herb adds a unique freshness, particularly to Asian dishes. Also makes a delightful addition to soups and salads.

This kit includes a metal coloured pot, seeds and soil pellets. Grow and reap what you sow with these vibrant all-in-one tins!

Tin dimensions: W:110mm x H:100mm

How To Grow

Growing Instructions (included with kit)

1) Remove all contents from the tin and add one cup of warm water to the soil pellets in a separate bowl. Allow the soil pellets to soak in the water and expand. Continue to add water until the pellets are completely expanded & the soil appears fluffy.

2) Once the soil has cooled down transfer most of it back into the tin, filling the tin to approximately 1.5cm from the brim. Leave a couple spoonfuls of soil for later use. 

3) Fluff the soil in the tin with a fork, then sprinkle your seeds evenly across the soil surface. Cover the seeds with a very fine layer (5mm) of your leftover soil. 

4) Place the tin in a light position but avoid direct sunlight until the seeds have germinated. 

5) Once seedlings appear, apply a half strength fertiliser every two weeks. 

6) Thin out by removing smallest plants, leaving the strongest 3-5 plants more room to grow in the tin. The thinnings can be transplanted into the garden or other pots.

7) You can grow your plants in the supplied tin until maturity, or transplant them into the garden.