Why Grow From Seed

Why Grow From Seed?


Taste, freshness and knowing what has gone into the plants

Freshness is probably the greatest advantage of growing your own – especially what comes to vegetables and herbs. Nothing tastes as good as a tomato straight off the vine in your backyard.

When you grow your own vegies from seed you also know exactly what has gone into them. As the old saying goes – you are what you eat – so it’s important to know if chemicals have been used to grow the plant. By growing from seed you can make your vegetables as organic as you like. Mr Fothergill’s also sell a range of organic seeds that will ensure your crop is 100% organic from the start.


Value – you can cut your food bill by growing from seed

With the cost of fresh food rising, growing your own vegetables can save your family hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year!

An example for family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children aged 12-18 years):

  • Should eat at least 492kg of vegetables per year*
  • Lets assume an average vegetable retail price of $3.5 per kg
  • Total vegetable bill $1,722 per year!

*According to Australian Guide to Healthy Eating


It has been shown that with a 5m x 8m vegetable garden, over 500kg of vegetables can be produced, using just 20 packets of seeds. But you don’t even need a large garden, as you can grow vegetables and herbs in the smallest of spaces, containers and balconies.

Mr Fothergills provides excellent value for money with large number of seeds per pack – so much so that we proudly feature the quantity on the front of every pack. Below some examples of what these seed counts can mean for your fresh food bill!

(Calculations based on average retail price and expected harvest if plant is cared for properly. The cost per kilo is calculated using estimated average weight per vegetable. Does not include the cost of fertiliser, potting mix or water.)