Kale & Kohl Rabi

Growing Kale & Kohl Rabi


Kale is packed with nutrition and often hailed as one of natures superfoods. Kale tolerates cold weather better than most brassicas and isn't troubled by birds, clubroot and cabbage rootfly. Always pick the leaves when they are young and tender.


February to May directly in final growing position, Spring too in cooler regions. Thin out to 45cm between plants.


Green Curled, Red Russian, Jagallo Nero


Start to remove young leaves from the top of the plant 6-8 weeks after sowing. Side shoots are formed after the main crown is harvested and these are ready for use 8-12 weeks after sowing; pick shoots that are 10-15cm long and young.

Kohl Rabi

Increasing slowly in popularity, it is more tolerant of warm weather than turnips and easier to grow successfully. It grows quickly, maturing in a few months from sowing. The taste is difficult to describe but is generally nutty with a slight celery and cabbage taste.


Sow 12mm deep in rows 30cm apart. Sow any time of the year except coldest months.


Thin the seedlings until the plants are 6in (15cm) apart. Soak the soil during periods of dry weather. Provide protection against birds and cabbage rootfly.


Purple Vienna.


Harvest when the plants are young and the swollen stem bases are between golf and tennis ball size. The leaves can also be eaten.