Capsicum & Chillies

Growing Capsicum & Chillies


Capsicums and Chillies Both have increased in popularity over recent years. Both are grown in a similar way to tomatoes,and both love the heat, so in cooler areas you migh want to grow them in a greenhouse.


Sow Spring through Summer - all year in warm tropical areas, direct where they are to grow, or in seed trays or Jiffy pellets.


Transfer to final position when large enough to handle and after the risk of frost has passed. Stake and tie in plants as they grow. Water regularly and feed with a high potash liquid fertiliser once the fruit set. Mist the foliage regularly with tepid water to discourage red spider mite and to help flower set.


Capsicum: Californian Wonder, Giant Bell, Sweet Allsorts, Californian Wonder Organic
Chilli: Razzamatazz, Cayenne, Chilli Shake.